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Post by en'til Zog » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:52 pm

One of my favorite sources for "odd" LEDs & stuff is the Electronic Goldmine

For July and August they have a very bright WHITE LED flat panel on sale - 3.5 x 0.8 x 0.2 inches in size, happy at 5 volts. I have a bunch of 'em and love 'em. Part # G16274 for $2.95 each.

Also on sale is a $6 set of RED EL wire & power supply - 2 feet of wire, part # G15261.

For RED light - try their 3.37 Lumen LED part # G16750 which is 7.62 mm square with a bump sticking up that emits the light. Fairly brisk.

Teeny RED SMT LEDs with 3 mm leads - 25 for a buck US - part # G16368. $0.04 each? Cool....

They also have 'assortment packs' of mixed LEDs and LED displays which have had some very interesting lighty up bits.

Check out their Sale items for some fun bits - like a very small gearhead motor .48" dia x 1.43 " long - # G16300. Spinning chopper blades, anyone?

Super blinkification? Part # G15118 - MC14411P Bit Rate Frequency Generator (Motorola) Regularly $2.80 each now $1.00 It's a domino with 24 pins, and can generate 4 SETS of 16 frequencies. Low power, but wow - a lot of combinations - and the base frequency is set with a crystal, so it should be stable! I have a mildly esoteric use for one of these - or maybe a bunch of 'em, depending.

(No, I don't get a kick back from EG - I just try and pass on info on some neat lighting & techie bits.) :(

If anyone wants my complete list of these months favorite parts... PM me!
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