Local,quick, source for LED

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Local,quick, source for LED

Post by Neb » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:39 pm

Hey guys,

If you happen to have an Advance Auto Parts nearby, they happen to carry Streetglow products. A much larger selection than Auto Zone.

In particular, Streetglow's Optx line:


The 5 foot string I picked up is ready to be hard-wired to a 12v supply and comes with a tiny 1"x1"x1" transformer.

Advance also carries 4 large pre-wired LED's (looks like 5mm) for $9.00.

Prices are a tad high, but for some of us noobs that like "hands on" stuff we can wrap our brains around, it'll do in a pinch. :D :wink:
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