plain-to-understand wiring diagrams for Star Trek kits

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plain-to-understand wiring diagrams for Star Trek kits

Post by TurkeyVolumeGuessingMan » Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:48 am

Does anyone have any simple to understand wiring diagrams for 555 timer chips to light up a typical Star Trek ship? I'd like to do this for my 1:537 Enterprise, Reliant, etc. I've been playing around with a 555 timer chip on my own and getting the hang of using one, but I've seen at least two different ways of seeing it wired up and I am not sure which is right. (I think badgrendels's 555 videos on YouTube aren't quite right.)

And no, I don't want to learn about using Ardurino thingies. I want to learn this for myself and so far it hasn't been rocket science.

My plan is to have the internal lights set up on one circuit, have the warp nacelles and impulse drive on an either/or switch, and the nav lights and strobes on other circuits. I've heard about "smoothing capacitors," but I am not sure what the real name for these things are.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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