Beginner lighting for Millennium Falcon

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Beginner lighting for Millennium Falcon

Post by Chuck731 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:02 pm

I have done a lighting for ship models before. I used about 200 LEDs that were powere by an external 9V power source that plugs into the ship under the keel.

I am thinking about using onboard rechargeable batteries to light 1/72 millennium falcon. I am wonder where one could get the sort of electronics that manages the charging of rechargeable batteries, so the battery doesn't blow up through accidental overcharge, and how much current draw typical economic rechargeable batteries can support.

I am thinking about using quite a few LEDs, at least 13, possibly 26, to model the long exhaust light bar at the back of the falcon. About 20 or so LEDs for various external lights, and some electroluminescent panels for the cockpit and gun wells.

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Post by MillenniumFalsehood » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:03 am

If it were me, I'd go around flea markets and try to find an old portable phone and charging base. You can then just rip the electronics out of it and then put the jack in an inconspicuous bit of hull detail or else hide it behind a panel. You'll want to put the batteries in a place where you can eventually replace them. Portable phone battery packs should have more than enough power to run 20-30 LEDs.
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