My Defiant needs lights, but I know nothing!

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My Defiant needs lights, but I know nothing!

Post by sbaxter » Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:50 am

I'm gearing up, so help me, to start serious work on the AMT 1/420 Defiant. I know I won't be satisfied with this one without lighting it, but I really know nothing about where to get what I need, how to determine what I need in the first place, and what to do with it. I do have a friend who would likely be willing to help with any actual soldering (he's an electronics guy), but of course I would get him to teach me as he goes so I won't always have to impose on him.

First, does anyone know what lights the Defiant actually had, or know of a source that has a breakdown of such information? The only thing from the series I don't expect to try to recreate is the spotlight on the name — that was rarely seen, and I don't see any way to pull it off except with a light placed strategically off the model itself. Don't want to do that, and I don't think using a light inside shining through the plastic would work in this case because the hull isn't flat or smooth in that area.

I do want to open up the aft nacelle bays and have blue LEDs inside, rather than using the blue piece that comes in the DLM lighting parts set (I still plan to order the set for the Bussard collectors, though). And I also know I want to use nothing but LEDs.

How the heck do I do the flashing lights correctly? I don't remember seeing any actual strobes on the ship, but it does have at least three (probably more) dorsal flashing lights that are on for about half a second and then off for a second or two. I expect there's at least one on the ventral side. Other than that, it just about runs the Roy G. Biv gamut, with green lights on one nacelle, red and blue lights in several places, neutral white in the ports/windows or whatever they are along the inner curve of the ventral, and warm white lights in a few places.

Whatever shall I do?


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Post by brt » Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:29 pm

I'm just working on my first lit model. To avoid soldering resistors to LEDs and possibly frying them, I have purchased pre-wired LEDs from Purchase went smoothly. They have a choice of voltage and sizes 3mm to 10mm. I bought a breadboard kit, some 555 & 556 timers and small capacitors.

You might want to try LED ribbons and solder-less connectors for general lighting.

Google and youtube can help you learn.

There will be some redundancy between the links, but it's a place to start on some theory and calculating values.
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