Controlling dimmable LED driver controller with APEX

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Controlling dimmable LED driver controller with APEX

Post by Myong Krois » Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:35 am

I am in the process of building an led strip lights to go over my 185G Reef Tank. I am using multiple Inventronics 50w 1750ma dimmable drivers which will be dimmed via my APEX Controllers VSP 0-10Vdc. I tested the VSPs from the APEX and they put out anywhere from 0 to 11.2Vdc. Do I need to add something inline between the APEX VSP and the Inventronics Driver to limit the voltage not to exceed 10Vdc going into the dimmable cables from the Driver. Really not sure what would happen to the driver if the APEX was to put out a full 11.2Vdc to the dimmable side of the flexible led strip.

Anybody know what effect this would have and whether I need to ensure it does not exceed 10Vdc? If I do need to limit the possibility to ensure no more than 10Vdc is fed to the driver, how would I go about doing this? recessed led ceiling lights

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