Accusations - Recasting, Fraud, Ripping-Off, etc.

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Accusations - Recasting, Fraud, Ripping-Off, etc.

Post by onezero » Sun Jan 06, 2008 8:19 pm

Recasting – the practice of taking someone else’s kit, molding it and casting it and then selling it as your own – is the scourge of this hobby. It’s driven many garage kitters out of production over the years.

We do not support recasting.

Nor do we support the practice of taking money for products you cannot or will not deliver.

The people who run Starship Modeler do not have the mandate or the authority to be the “recast police”. That said, we take accusations of members using our boards to conduct illicit activity seriously, and we investigate _all_ such claims to the best of our ability.

People abusing our forums to rip-off others (either their hard work or their money) will be sanctioned, and where possible, referred to the appropriate authorities for legal action.


Just because someone makes a claim doesn't mean it's true. And, frankly, there are far too many people who shoot their mouths off first and ask questions later – charging others (fellow board members or not) with the most dastardly of crimes without providing a shred of evidence.

Before you charge someone with recasting, thieving or some other nefarious activity, take a moment to actually ascertain the facts of the matter. If you do not, we will go out of our way to make sure the entire universe becomes aware of your stupidity. You made yourself look stupid: we will inform all and sundry of the fact. We will embarrass you in front of all your friends. People will point at you and laugh and say to each other “There goes a Grade A Moron”. Women will find you repulsive and even your dog will turn on you.

You can avoid such humiliation if you use the proper - MEATSPACE - avenues for settling issues of breaches of contract, copyright infringement, et al. This may well involve lawyers – it certainly SHOULD involve writing things down. If you have a case, you'll not be afraid of lawyers or written contracts. If, however, you're full of spit, you'll come up with some "logical" reason lawyers or contracts should not be invoked.

People continually making unfounded accusations against other members, whether out of spite or ignorance, will be sanctioned in the same fashion – and to the same degree – as those who rip off others’ work or money.
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