Update: Avatars and other images

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Update: Avatars and other images

Post by onezero » Fri Feb 03, 2006 8:01 pm

We have decided to enable 'avatars'. These are small pictures you can use to express your personality and are seen in posts under your name.

Images used as avatars must be hosted somewhere else on the web. They can be no larger than 80 pixels high by 80 pixels wide at 72 DPI. Please, no animated GIFs. Images must adhere to all the rest of the posting rules here - we're certainly not going to be prudes, but if it's something you wouldn't want your kid or your mother to see associated with your name, you can pretty much bet we'll deem it inappropriate.

Moderators and admins will summarily remove any image deemed inappropriate. Three strikes, and your account will lose the ability to post an avatar.

At this time, images in sig lines and inline images in posts are still not allowed.

Please direct questions/problems to onezero or lindasmile.
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