Moritorium on Partisan Politics

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Moritorium on Partisan Politics

Post by onezero » Tue Sep 14, 2004 12:36 pm


I'm sick to death of the posturing, the sneering selfrighteousness, the hypocrisy, the lies touted as truth, the smug conviction that each person's opinion is in fact God's Holy Writ, the shouting, and that flat out ignorance that passes for "debate" anymore where politics is concerned.

I am so far behind I'll never get caught back up, and I sure as hell don't have time to read that crap, or referee it. I thought I could just step back and moderate without becoming involved. I've found I can't - in equal measure because I simply no longer have time to wade through it all, and because the エッチ の は offends me so mightily I can't just let it go unremarked.

Everyone's mind is already made up, and there's no "discussion" anway, just posturing. Every moment Linda, myself or the moderators spend dealing with this drenn is a moment wasted, an opportunity for something constructive - like main site updates - flushed down the crapper, never to be recovered.

So - enough.

From here until the US elections on 2 November, no more politics. No more partisan bickering. No more posting about events, trends or ideas with the sole purpose of trumpeting a political or social agenda. No more "political correctness" run amok threads, no more mocking furriners for the things they do that don't fit our preconceived ideas of righteousness, no more attacks on trial lawyers or oil company executroids.

No more.

Those participating in such threads in T-dome from this point until I lift the ban will get one warning. Those starting such threads will get none. The sanction: removal from Thunderdome. Anyone starting such a thread in ANY other forum will be immediately booted from these boards.

I really don't care what people think of the decision, pro or con. There are plenty of other avenues to continue yelling at each other. If you feel this stifles your free expression intolerably, just let me know so I can remove your user name from the database and block your eMail and IP so you aren't tempted to rejoin.
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