Purging and Deletion of Topics/Threads

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Purging and Deletion of Topics/Threads

Post by onezero » Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:00 am


Topics that do not have a reply in a set amount of time (14 days in the most active forums, 30 days in others) will be deleted. This helps keep the size of the database that powers this site manageable. (The only exceptions are the Construction, Finishing and Lighting forums - topics there do not get automatically deleted, but may be trimmed if the administrators decide they are redundant or otherwise not useful).

If you wish to have your topic remain permanent, please consider making it an article for www.starshipmodeler.com - or set up your own blog.

Otherwise, topics do not normally get deleted by administrators - even when they have been locked. (The exceptions are porn or other obvious spam). Remember this before you post something that you may later regret - because it will stay out there for at least two weeks, and maybe longer, before the auto-purge gets it.
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