Thick Future washes + too much lacquer overcoat = term?

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Thick Future washes + too much lacquer overcoat = term?

Post by Dukat, S.G. » Fri May 06, 2011 1:27 pm


I like mixing watercolors or inks with Future for various glazes and washes. The beauty of the technique is that it flows incredibly well, looks the same wet as when fully cured and it dries very quickly.

As I discovered, however, if the Future's applied too thickly, a curious thing happens when I spray even fairly light Dullcote layers. Namely, the lacquer makes some areas form almost crystal-like, irregular bubbles.

I've found that Games' Workshop's most recent like of ink washes are similarly prone to "crystallizing" if they're applied too heavily, especially in tight corners and recessed areas.

This is easily enough avoided; just don't apply those things too thickly, natch ;) Thinning Future washes is easy enough, and the GW inks should never be painted on so heavily that they pool.

Anyhow, I've never heard anyone talk about this, so I'm curious: is there a specific term for this?

Just curious. Thanks ...
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