Badger 80-2 Compressor questions (EDITED)

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Badger 80-2 Compressor questions (EDITED)

Post by bobafett » Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:57 pm

My airbrush is spitting a lot of water lately. I use an old Badger 80-2 and have an in line water separator that I spliced halfway up the hose (it's an 8 ft hose)

I think I've found thru searching that I put the moisture trap too far away from the airbrush. I also have never replaced this filter/trap/seperator and it's probably 15+ years old.

When I get water build up I shake it out / blow thru it and let it dry in the sun... Should these be replaced over time? I don't know what brand it is, it's just a clear in line filter with what looks like a paper element (white fiber).

Also I remember the instructions for either the compressor fitting or the hose telling me to drill a small hole in the adaptor to relieve air pressure when not spraying. I can't find the information anywhere as to what size that hole is supposed to be. I do have the hose pop off from time to time so I'd like to put that hole in the adapter.

I appreciate any and all help...
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