Excel brand spray paints at Ollie's

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Excel brand spray paints at Ollie's

Post by photoguy » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:26 am

So after finishing up my Space Shuttle for our local planetarium, I looked though my "to do" pile and ran across a totally Non-SciFi Revell model of a Skipjack class nuclear submarine. Figured it would be a quick and easy break before I jumped into the big ISS kit.

After I finished airbrushing and weathering, I realized I was out of Testors dull coat. Looked up at the clock, and realized the hobby shop was already closed. My wife suggested I run down to the local discount store "Ollie's" and see if they have anything.

I picked up a full size can of Excel Colour Vision clear matte lacquer spray for a grand total of fifty cents.

I just applied my second coat before I started typing this, (goes outside to check drying progress) and would have to say I am pretty pleased with the results!

More of a "satin" finish than "flat" but it ended up with a very believable "painted metal" look to it, and would be perfect for Star Trek ships! Guess I'll swing back by after work and clear out their shelves! :8)
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