Spray booth finished!

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Spray booth finished!

Post by jgoldader » Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:25 pm

Hi all,

I've posted here several times over the last couple of months with questions about starting out airbrushing. Well, I'm finally ready to give it a go. Today, I finished the spray booth.

The booth itself was made of 1/4" MDF, screwed to pine stripping on the inside edges for strength. The blower was a 4" marine bilge blower from Detmar, which is sparkless and ignition-proof. The blower runs on 12V DC supplied by a 6A 110VAC-12VDC convertor from Vector. The blower is screwed onto more pine stripping, which is screwed onto L-brackets attached to the back of the booth. I am using a cheap air filter to catch paint droplets. I painted the whole booth white using the last of some Zinsser primer I had sitting around. I'll run flexible dryer duct from the blower to a panel I've cut out to fit in the open window.

The blower and power convertor were from eBay, and the total was about $45. Figure another $20 for the MDF and assorted bits, and it's a safe spray booth for under $100.

I made a couple of mock-ups out of cardboard before I decided on the size and shape of the booth, then sketched out plans. The booth is 18 inches deep, 16 inches high, and 21 inches wide (shoulda paid more attention to the plans there on that last one...)

The spray booth

Blower attached

The plans

My brush is a Badger 360 from the Garage Sale, with a cheap compressor and tank from Sears. I installed quick-disconnects. The Badger-brand regulator and airbrush holder were from DixieArt. I've decided to brush using acrylics, using hints for brushing craft paints from this forum.

Again, thanks to all for your help! With luck, paint will fly--er, flow!--tomorrow! I'll practice by painting a uniformly gray base for a model I built earlier this year.


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