Revell/Badger Compressors

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Revell/Badger Compressors

Post by Antenociti » Wed Jan 16, 2008 10:26 am

Does anybody have experience with any of the revell or badger compressors?

Im looking to replace my existing one (broken down) but cant find much in the way of reviews - we can get badger and revell at trade prices; hence me looking at these - unless they are not that good obviously.

im guessing that the revell "master class compressor" (5.5 bar piston) is their top one, then there's also a "sparmax ac100" and then the badger range, ice blue, "entry level" and two GP ones, just distinguished by max psi (80 and 65)

any help appreciated

forgot to add - have read the compressor thread etc!

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