How to properly decal over glass/matt panels ie refit Ent.

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How to properly decal over glass/matt panels ie refit Ent.

Post by Valiant » Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:07 pm

Hey guys! I know the proper way to decal amd seal a model is using a glass amd then matt (or choice) clear spray. But... how would you do this if the paint job itself is a matt/glass pattern. Wouldn't putting an overall gloss and then a matt just negate the paneling detail done?
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Post by Lt. Z0mBe » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:12 pm

I'm not a Trek guy but I think you are describing the alternating matte and gloss panels used to show aztecking on a Trek ship. IF we are talking about the gloss/matte method and no other (color modulation of the basecoat, for instance), method, here's how I would do it:

1.) Lay down primer and then base color over it.
2.) Gloss entire model with Future floor polish.
3.) Lay down decals using Future to set the decals too (it's how I apply decals).
4.) Apply another coat of Future over the decals to really "lock" them in.
5.) Mask off areas to remain gloss coated using low-tack frisket film. Mask off anything else you don't want to be matte-coated.
6.) Apply matte coat in several light coats.

I hope this helps.


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