Never trust a store clerk!

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Never trust a store clerk!

Post by NCC1966 » Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:27 pm

So! This is the kind of thing that I already should have learned, but we are always repeating the same errors again and again, uh?

Couple days ago I walked in a local stationary store and asked to the clerk a "Colorgin" rattle can of matte white. Actually I saw the can in the shelf and pointed him what I wanted. Colorgin is a Brazilian reliable paint maker so I knew that it is a good stuff. Then the stupid clerk instead to pick the can and sell to me, decided to ask:

-- Wouldn't you like to buy this other one? It's cheaper and I tried it the other day and it is awesome!

He told this while he put the mysterious and yet good looking can onto the counter. What I was thinking to trust his "I tried it and it's awesome" opinion?

OK, then the stupid me said "OK, I will buy this!".


Today I brought two half nacelles of my Reliant to the shop, shook the rattle can (c'mon it's just white...) and sprayed it. Immediately I noticed that regardless the label in the can say "matte white" it's gloss. A few minutes later after a couple coats I could see that the surface was with an awful orange peel texture. I almost pee in my pants: several years ago I tried to paint a model car with a red rattle can and I got the same orange peel that for my horror wasn't the paint but the plastic that was attacked by the solvent (the model was ruined and had to be dumped).


I then ran back to my workbench with the nacelles, picked a rag, damped it with spirit thinner and spent about 1 hour rubbing the nacelles to remove the whole paint. Fortunately it didn't damage the plastic (Hurray, AMT!) but I wasted a lot of time and it could not have been end so happily.


The lesson learned here is: never EVER trust in the opinion of a store clerk unless you know that he/she is a trained and experienced specialist. Other than that he or she is there just to pick the stuff in the shelf, get the money and give the stuff to you. Everything with a smile.


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Post by wwwoodsjr » Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:29 am

I feel your pain.

I see a new too or paint brand and I have to try it out, looking for that holy grail that make the model special.

I keep telling myself to slow down and test it first. Shot some spray paint if that's what it is and compare with the others.

But the excitement gets the best me I have to confess.

I hope your work turns out well despite the setback.
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Post by Rocketeer » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:22 am

I am very very conservative about trying new products or techniques. After I've spent three months working on a model, I don't want to foul it up with some untried paint system--so I use what I've used successfully before. Call me unadventurous, call me boring if you like. :D

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Post by CaptBillD » Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:46 pm

Never mix unknown paints with different primer or familiar detailing colors.

Always test new paints on scrap plastic.

Never spraybomb in humid air.

Don't scrub recently shot wet paint off with a chemically hot solvent- let it dry a day, then remove it completely with oven cleaner or like chemical. Patience and thoroughness , not panic.
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Post by naoto » Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:51 pm

On learns very quickly to be careful about adhesives and paints when building with EPS foam.
Naoto Kimura

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Post by NCC1966 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:27 am

Yesterday I came back to the store where I bought the crap paint and gave it back. As I could remember they had the paint I wanted, but when I was to pick it I saw that they didn't have the color. Grrrrrr... So I picked the value of the paint in other items and walked away. Then I tried SEVERAL stores in my town and couldn't find the paint anywhere (did I already mention how painful is to live in a small town when you come to buy specific things?). Since I had bought my other can in 2008 (8 years ago) I even thought that the factory could have stopped to make the product.

Anyway, in ALL stores where I was they tried to push me a "similar" crap. Then I explained that it was for a work that I already had started and that I was afraid of the color/texture get different and ALL of them (no exception) said immediately that I wouldn't see any difference. Then I asked: "Sounds good, I will trust your word and will pick it. Just a thing... I know that it won't happen but if after I paint I get a color or texture difference I will come here to get my money back, OK?"

Then ALL of them (no exception) withdrew their "guarantee" saying that it could give a "slight" difference. Wait. You said NO difference... no you are saying that it may give a "slight" difference?


Anyway, after a frustrated research in my town I was look for the paint online and found it. Bought two cans. Now I just have to await until it arrive.


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Post by Alvis 3.1 » Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:47 pm

Well, that is certainly annoying. As a sales clerk, this sort of behaviour annoys me to no end, because when i do give advice based on decades of experience and the customer ignores me, it's most often due to the customer being burnt by people like this in the past.

Alvis 3.1
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Post by NCC1966 » Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:23 pm

I hear ya! I think that it happens in all careers. I have suffered in my profession too because bad colleagues that makes the customers get kind of "traumatized" to me...


About the "clerk thing" it is specially awful in the small town I live. I already passed for several situations. There is an excellent tool store here but that I learned not to trust in the sales person that works there.

More than once I asked for an item and they told me that they didn't have what I was asking for. Then after to wander for no more than a couple minutes among the shelves I found exactly what they said to me they haven't. One day I was already SO upset about it happening over and over and over that I called the manager (that happens to be the owner) and complained about. He thanked for my complain, promised to take a measure, blah, blah, blah, but things never changed.

In this same store there is another thing. They have an attendant that is a complete mystery to me. She stands in the front like an alert dog and as soon you step into the store she jumps over you asking eagerly how can she helps you. Then after you tell her what you want she stops for a while, make a face that is thinking and... almost NEVER knows what you are talking about. In the rare occasions she gets your request she NEVER knows if they have that item in stock. If for a miracle she does then she won't know where it supposed to be. In all cases she always goes after another attendant to ask. EVERY TIME. And she "works" in this store for YEARS! I really hate when I go to this store and she is standing there. More than once I just preferred went away. I ask myself why in the world a manager (or owner) keep such useless employee that does nothing else than annoy customers. Maybe she is a relative of him.


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