Ent-B finishing

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Ent-B finishing

Post by tasev1 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:12 pm

This is just a short version of what I posted in the Trek forum to get other ideas. Looking for opinion. My other issues were left out.

Enterprise B model by AMT. AS-20 Insignia White Tamiya spray base coat on dark grey primer. The paint didn't fill in all the small channels on the saucer short of over spraying, and they show through. Would have liked a clean look, but since it was inconsistent I filled in the channels with my own "wash" (brush cleaner and black enamel paint). How could I have painted the saucer better? I did 2 or 3 mist coats before putting on the final coating. I already used 2 cans of Tamiya at 10.95 each, and didn't want to re coat again. Still an option, but only if I choose this color for my Enterprise-E project.

The rest of the model looks clean and cannot be washed the same way. So, am I stuck with this new look, or is there a way to get rid of it? (hypothetically, of course). Oh, and it was over the base coat, no clear yet.

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