Klean Klay mold release?

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Klean Klay mold release?

Post by mvmagic » Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:09 am

Hiya all

I have used Klean Klay alot in mold boxes, bases and so on when making RTV silicone molds-never used mold release and everything has worked fine.

Now I sculpted a rather large part with it and need to pour the silicone and want to ensure I get a good, clean mold. The part itself is smooth and curvy, no fine detail, undercuts etc. What would work best as a mold release?

I have two release agents at hand, Micro Mark's rubber-to-rubber and resin-to-rubber. Rubber-to-rubber maybe? The stores I go to here (Finland) dont carry spray mold releases, and obviously can't order any from abroad.

I'd appreciate any pointers!

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