Fine tips for superglue.

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Caleb Whee
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Fine tips for superglue.

Post by Caleb Whee » Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:47 am

Hi Guy's & Girl's.

Not so much a question, as a tip. If you don't like paying for fine tip applicators, ( I know I freaked, when I saw the price. ) make your own. I was building the U.S.S. Enterprise C & D, and while painting " Those window's " with a gel ink pen, the thought came to me that the tube that hold's the ink inside of the pen if stretched like sprue, ( For begginers, just starting out, the plastic tree's the model came from. ) would keep their diameter. When stretched. snip the long thin piece of tubing, to the length you want. put the wide end on your tube of glue. And you've got yourself a fine tip. If your wondering what a gel ink pen is, they should be availible from most art supply store's. & you can get them in a multitude of color's. For the C & D, I used a light blue, cream, and cocoa, colored pens.

Thanks for the time,

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