Thinning the ends of tubes, engine bells, etc.

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Andrew Gorman
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Thinning the ends of tubes, engine bells, etc.

Post by Andrew Gorman » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:43 pm

For years I've used various sizes of countersinks to thin round open ended parts, especially engine bells. For a current project I needed to thin the open end of a thick plastic tube. I only have a 90 degree countersink in that size, and the end still looked too thick. So I broke out the step bit set I picked up at Harbor Freight a while ago and it worked great! Thinned the outside walls far enough back to look good, and then angled back to the original ID. I just spun the bit by hand. Here's a link to the tool, but since it is Harbor Freight pay no attention to the list price. They are always on sale. ... 91616.html

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