Scratchbuilt 1/1400 USS Endeavor UESC-916

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Scratchbuilt 1/1400 USS Endeavor UESC-916

Post by Schalldampfer1 » Sat Feb 06, 2010 12:10 pm

So this is a super small model I did a number of years ago from spare parts mainly from aircraft models (Try to guess which aircraft and what specific parts). It is based off an idea I had to make a small version of the Discovery from 2001. That didn't go to plan so I changed it around to my own design and made a story to go with it. It is roughly in 1/1400 scale based on the size of the airlock.

U.S.S. Endeavor
Class - Deep Space Rescue Vessel (DSRV)
Registry No. UESC-916
Crew Complement - 10
EVA Pods - 3
Escape Pods - 4
Engines - 2 Impulse Engines
2 Trans Space Engines ... 1265475457 ... 1265476014 ... 1265476049 ... 1265476072 ... 1265476101 ... 1265476128 ... 1265476158

I wonder how big it is? ... 1265476183

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