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The Nylon Gag
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MK1, Nylon Gag Industies

Post by The Nylon Gag » Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:34 pm

Evenin All,

Returned from England on Sunday at 4pm into Miami.
Had a great vacation in England, a week is never enough but i got to spend some quality time with my sick step father.
A sad visit but a very rewarding one. ;D

Whilst i was home a met up with two young fellows from MSC, we spent a wonderful afternoon talking plastic and drinking Guiness.
It was great to finally meet some people through these great websites we visit.

Thank you, Dicky and Chris for a very entertaining afternoon.
If you have the chance to meet up with fellow modellers from these web sites i urge you to do it.
It was great to put a face and personallity to someone i had only 'talked' to through the internet.

Only started back on the MK.1 on Wednesday night suffering from chronic jet lag.

This is getting faster and faster folks soooooooo,

The louder you screem the faster we go,

As they would say at a fun fair in England in the 80's.

God I'm old. ;D

But , AnyHoo,.........

Even though i had made the radar array for the undrside it just seemed to be to big and looked a little out of place and a bit shyte to be honest with everything else so i cut it from this. ... 520135.jpg

To this.... ... 520001.jpg ... 520003.jpg

Gave it a layer of flat black ... 520004.jpg

Chrome silver with a splash of Gun metal ... 520006.jpg ... 520007.jpg

Pastel wash. ... 520012.jpg

Started work on the belts. Dry fit Kiko in his seat then stated fitting Masking tape belts.
Waist band. ... 520014.jpg

Shoulder straps and buckles ... 520021.jpg ... 520024.jpg

Gave Kiko his joysticks

Right.... ... 520025.jpg

Left.... ... 520026.jpg

And his ciggie,

Yes, the kit came with one but i scratch built my own 8) from a white piece of styrene with a dab of red sharpie on the end ... 520020.jpg

I then taped her down to fit the final light set up ... 520027.jpg

Fit all my flashers and constant LEDS to the right fiber optics and bingo.
(took me 5 hours and I melted most of my firer optics gave up on several indeas i had but it looks OK.

I think..... ::) ... 520032.jpg ... 520034.jpg ... 520032.jpg ... 520043.jpg

Made a video because the pictures don't show the flashing ... g2k-4Fcx1Q

Then i moved on to the hitch assenbly ... 520047.jpg ... 520046.jpg ... 520045.jpg

I them installed the moveble stearing thruaters ... 520052.jpg ... 520055.jpg

Hitch support cradle ... 520056.jpg

Wound my hydraulic fittings ... 520063.jpg

Fitted my cables to the cradle ... 520068.jpg

Added some details and paint
Ready to install. ... 520074.jpg

Back to the hitch assemblies i painted 5 months ago ... 520077.jpg ... 520078.jpg

Fitter the outer ram assemblies and upper arms ... 520080.jpg ... 520083.jpg ... 520085.jpg ... 520089.jpg ... 520093.jpg

Everything pinned. ... 520094.jpg

Beauty shorts for the evening ... 520096.jpg ... 520100.jpg ... 520099.jpg

Now i have to weather the whole thing.

This is gunna go fast people " SO STAY TUNED"




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Joseph C. Brown
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Post by Joseph C. Brown » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:25 pm

That is awesome! :thumbsup:
Joe Brown

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Mr. Badwrench
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Post by Mr. Badwrench » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:42 pm

Holy cow, that's amazing!
I speak of the pompatous of plastic.

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Post by MillenniumFalsehood » Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:33 pm

Incredible work! I love tugs and such, and this is a really cool design for one. :)
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