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By Tim Gunderman

Scout Ship

[Top view]

Scale: 1/72
Source: Traveller RPG

This is a scratch-built Scout Ship from the RPG Traveller. It is constructed from foam-core with applique' armor glued to it. 24 inches long, and 14 inches wide, it works out to 1/72nd scale. All of the graphics and tech info in the rulebooks never really fleshed out the workings of the scout. I made several drawings and deck plans to accurize it. The only "add-on" was the Jump-projector at the tail end over the engine ports. This was added to tell the top from the bottom. As you can see, without it, it would look basically the same. The figures are 1/72nd flight deck crew.

Image: Left side

Image: Front view

Image: Rear view

Image: Right side

Image: Cockpit details

Image: More cockpit details

Image: Bottom details

Image: Oblique view

Image: Another oblique view, from the other side

Image: Turret detail

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